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{The {aim|purpose|goal} of this essay is to {review|evaluate|evaluation} {employee|worker} {training|coaching} challenges {in the|within the} NHS. There are many samples {online|on-line}, and {you cannot|you can’t|you can not} {tell|inform} {how many|what {number|quantity} of} {students|college students} used {which of them|which ones}. There is {every|each} {chance|probability|likelihood} that {someone else|another person} has already downloaded an {example|instance} and submitted it to their professor, so don’t do it, too. If you {need|want} substantial {help|assist}, order an {original|unique|authentic} paper. Before paying, {you {need|want} to|you should|you have to} {learn|study|be taught} if {website|web site} that writes essays for you is {trustworthy|reliable}.|When one and {the same|the identical} {company|firm} tops {every|each} {list|listing|record}, it’s {also|additionally} suspicious. Imagine that your {city|metropolis} {government|authorities} has given permission for {a major|a serious|a significant} {company|firm} {to build|to construct} {a large|a big} {factory|manufacturing unit|manufacturing facility} {near|close to} your neighborhood. Explain your {position|place} {using|utilizing} {specific|particular} {reasons|causes} and examples. Use {specific|particular} examples and {details|particulars} to {support|help|assist} your {answer|reply}. Overall, the widespread use of the {internet|web} has a {mostly|principally|largely} {positive|constructive|optimistic} {effect|impact} on life in today’s world. Find new {data|knowledge|information} sources Can’t {find|discover} {trustworthy|reliable} {data|knowledge|information} sources with {extensive|in depth|intensive} and {reliable|dependable} data?|As an intern, I {could|might|may} {only|solely} {assist|help} in what felt {like the|just like the} small {ways|methods} — {pointing out|mentioning|stating} {local|native} job {offerings|choices}, printing {information|info|data} on free ESL {classes|courses|lessons}, reaching out to non-profits. But to a {community|group|neighborhood} {facing|dealing with|going through} an onslaught of intense struggles, I realized that {something|one thing} as small as these actions {could|might|may} have {vast|huge} impacts. Seeing the {immediate|quick|instant} {consequences|penalties} of my actions {inspired|impressed} me. Throughout that {summer|summer time|summer season}, I internalized my community’s {daily|every day|day by day} challenges in {a new|a {brand|model} new} {light|mild|gentle}. I {began|started} to {stop|cease} seeing the prevalent underemployment and cramped {living|dwelling|residing} quarters {less|much less} as sources of {shame|disgrace}. Instead, I {saw|noticed} them as realities that {had to be|needed to be} acknowledged, {but|however} {could|might|may} {ultimately|finally|in the end} be remedied.}

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{To {evaluate|consider} {whether|whether or not} our {personal|private}, descriptive, {evaluation|analysis}, argumentative, admission and {other|different} essays meet your {standards|requirements}. I can recall experiences that {consist of|include|encompass} undesirable {outcome|end result|consequence} and disappointment. But I {choose|select} {not to|to not} {because|as a {result|end result|outcome} of|as a {result|end result|outcome} of} who {would like to|want to|wish to} hear me complain about my {past|previous}. But I do {want to|need to|wish to} share you my {past|previous} {experience|expertise} {because|as a {result|end result|outcome} of|as a {result|end result|outcome} of} I do {believe|consider|imagine} it’s {the reason|the rationale|the explanation} why I {hold|maintain} my passions to {live|stay|reside} a {successful|profitable} life.|My infatuations have {always|all the time|at all times} been a time {when I|once I|after I} do {something|one thing} uncharacteristic. It is {usually|often|normally} my {mother|mom} that {notice|discover} my actions first, {more than|greater than} {anyone|anybody}. Surveys are created {to speak|to talk} for the {people|individuals|folks}; {however|nevertheless|nonetheless}, surveys {do not|don’t} {always|all the time|at all times} {speak|converse|communicate} for {the whole|the entire} {community|group|neighborhood}. A survey {completed|accomplished} by Mason City residents concluded that the residents {enjoy|take pleasure in|get pleasure from} water {sports|sports activities} as a {form of|type of} recreation. If {that is|that’s} so evident, why has the river not been used?|What makes them even {better|higher} is their {customer|buyer} {support|help|assist} service, which {is available|is out there|is on the market} {immediately|instantly} and {provides|offers|supplies} {custom|customized} {help|assist} with order placement, {payment|cost|fee} {procedure|process}, and revisions. If you {want to|need to|wish to} {choose|select} {something|one thing} {that is|that’s} {affordable|reasonably priced|inexpensive} {and customized|and customised} to your {needs|wants}, this service is the {safest|most secure} {bet|guess|wager}. Some {people|individuals|folks} {like to|wish to|prefer to} spend their {money|cash} as {soon|quickly} as they earn it, {while|whereas} others {think|assume|suppose} {it is|it’s} {better|higher} {to save|to save {lots|tons|heaps} of|to {avoid|keep away from} wasting} their {money|cash} for {some time|a while} {in the future|sooner or later}. Use {specific|particular} {reasons|causes} and examples to {support|help|assist} your opinion.}

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{My {mom|mother} {always|all the time|at all times} {wanted|needed|wished} {to change|to vary|to alter} the world, {to fix|to repair} the {broken|damaged} {parts|elements|components} of society. Now that I’m in {a good|a great|an excellent} place, mentally and {physically|bodily}, I’m going to make that {impact|influence|impression}. Not {just for|only for} her, {but|however} for me, and {all the|all of the} {people who|individuals who} {need|want} a {support|help|assist} {branch|department} as {strong|robust|sturdy} {as the|because the} one my {mom|mother} gave me.|Lastly, I will {tell|inform} my {idea|concept|thought} to {everyone|everybody} I meet in Jordan, a {baby|child} step {to help|to assist} Hispanic {women|ladies|girls} rise from poverty. Unfortunately, the ordeal of {living|dwelling|residing} with a {chronic|continual|persistent} {illness|sickness} or {undergoing|present process} {a major|a serious|a significant} operation extends {beyond|past} the confines of the hospital. It {often|typically|usually} takes merely a minute, as {in the|within the} case of the “good” {doctor|physician} who {told|informed|advised} me that as a {student|scholar|pupil} I {could|might|may} apply to get the {procedure|process} financially {covered|coated|lined} by the hospital. Such foresight in anticipating {financial|monetary} {concerns|considerations|issues} and directing me on {the next|the subsequent|the following} steps to be taken {provided|offered|supplied} {relief|aid|reduction} {in the|within the} surmounting stress.|We have {carefully|rigorously|fastidiously} handpicked {the best|one of the best|the most effective} papers from our contributors and segregated them {based|based mostly|primarily based} on respective {subjects|topics} and sub-domains, {so that|in order that} your search {becomes|turns into} {more|extra} intuitive and seamless. Now, go {ahead|forward} and {download|obtain} {some of the|a few of the|a {number of|variety of} the} {best|greatest|finest} {college|school|faculty} essay examples {for free|free of charge|at no cost}. Effective descriptive essay writing is {more|extra} about describing {different|totally different|completely different} {aspects|elements|features} and traits of the chosen {subject|topic} and {the {type|sort|kind} of|the {kind|type|sort} of} {feelings|emotions} they {inspire|encourage}. Commonly, {these {types|varieties|sorts} of|these {kind|type|sort} of|most of these} essays describe {a particular|a specific|a selected} {person|individual|particular person}, an {event|occasion}, {a place|a spot}, or an emotion with the {aim|purpose|goal} to make the reader {feel|really feel} your {way|method|means}.}

{They are curious {to discover|to find} what you {choose|select} {to show|to {point|level} out|to indicate} them about who {you are|you’re|you {might|may|would possibly} be}, what you {value|worth}, and why. Even {the most|probably the most|essentially the most} fluid writers {are often|are sometimes} stifled by {fitting|becoming} their narrative neatly {into a|right into a} {category|class} and the essay {quickly|shortly|rapidly} loses {authentic|genuine} voice. Spoiler alert…one {prompt|immediate} is “Share an essay on any {topic|matter|subject} of your {choice|selection|alternative}. It {can be|could be|may be} one {you’ve|you’ve got|you have} already written, {one that|one which} responds to {a different|a special|a unique} {prompt|immediate}, or {one of|certainly one of|considered one of} {your own|your personal|your individual} design. ” So have at it. Throughout my time {in the|within the} {garden|backyard} with Brian, I {began|started} {to understand|to know|to grasp} that he, like {everyone|everybody}, has {a particular|a specific|a selected} {method|technique|methodology} of {communicating|speaking}. There are {the obvious|the apparent|the plain} spoken languages, {body|physique} languages, facial expressions, and interactions we share on a day-to-day {basis|foundation} that {reflect|mirror|replicate} who {we are|we’re} and {communicate|talk} what we the story of david and goliath summary {represent|symbolize|characterize}. Brian expresses himself {through|via|by way of} {various|numerous|varied} manifestations of {unspoken|unstated} language that he {uses|makes use of} to {signal|sign} how he feels or what he {wants|needs|desires}.|Some {people|individuals|folks} {feel|really feel} {that high|that prime|that top} {school|faculty|college} {students|college students} {benefit|profit} from {participating|collaborating|taking part} in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EcoCAR organized {sports|sports activities}, {while|whereas} others {feel|really feel} that {sports|sports activities} are a waste of time. Which {point of view|perspective|viewpoint} do you agree with and {explain|clarify} why. Essays writing will {help|assist} {the child|the kid} to be {a great|an excellent|a fantastic} {writer|author}. If we {read|learn} a biography of a {famous|well-known} {author|writer|creator} {the secret|the key} {we can|we will|we are {able|in a position|ready} to} {find|discover} out is, {they have|they’ve} {started|began} their writing {passion|ardour} {when they|once they|after they} {were|have been|had been} little {kids|youngsters|children}. Most of our {young|younger} {child|baby|youngster} has {imagination|creativeness} {but|however} {they cannot|they can’t|they can not} convert that to {words|phrases}, {but|however} as {parents|mother and father|dad and mom}, we {can help|might help|may help} them {to convert|to transform} their {creative|artistic|inventive} {thoughts|ideas} to {words|phrases} and {it can be|it {may|might|could} be} a {way to|method to|approach to} be a {successful|profitable} {writer|author}. Here {we provide|we offer} {a {wide|broad|extensive} range|a variety} of essays {for kids|for teenagers|for youths} as {help|assist} {to improve|to enhance} their writing {skill|talent|ability}.|And, {finally|lastly}, a {critical|crucial|important} {text|textual content} evaluates {someone|somebody} else’s work. Step #3 is {the most important|an important|crucial} and the one {often|typically|usually} {overlooked|ignored|missed} {because|as a {result|end result|outcome} of|as a {result|end result|outcome} of} most test-takers are {pretty|fairly} {tired|drained} after {reading|studying} and answering questions. This will {help you|assist you to|allow you to} {notice|discover} patterns in incorrect {choices|decisions|selections} and apply what {you have|you’ve|you {could|might|may} have} {learned|discovered|realized} later.}

{Carefully {read|learn} them and {note|notice|observe} {ideas|concepts|ideas} and sources {you can use|you {should|ought to} use|you {need to|have to|must} use} for reference or {insight|perception}. Overcome writer’s block and {find|discover} inspiration {for your|on your|in your} {next|subsequent} paper from our free essay database. An argumentative essay from Bogazici University {offers|provides|presents} a {bit of|little bit of} a dramatic {flair|aptitude}, which is {important|essential|necessary} {to making|to creating} {a strong|a robust|a powerful} argument.|I was {finally|lastly} {able to|capable of|in a {position|place} to} get my license, get a job, and {most importantly|most significantly} attend {college|school|faculty}. Since that {trip|journey}, I’ve {found|discovered} myself {trying|making an attempt|attempting} {to provide|to offer|to supply} that acceptance to {people|individuals|folks} in {my own|my very own} {country|nation}. For {example|instance}, I work at a canoe livery and we {receive|obtain} {a lot of|lots of|plenty of} {visitors|guests} with {limited|restricted} English. Some of my coworkers will {avoid|keep away from} such {customers|clients|prospects} {because|as a {result|end result|outcome} of|as a {result|end result|outcome} of} they don’t {want to|need to|wish to} take the time {to explain|to elucidate|to clarify} {things|issues}, to {exercise|train} {patience|endurance|persistence} with {someone|somebody} who {may|might|could} not {understand|perceive} them. If {people|individuals|folks} had {done|carried out|accomplished} this to me in Germany, my time there would have been {much|a lot} {less|much less} {enjoyable|pleasant|gratifying}; {in fact|actually|in reality}, I would have been offended.|In our conversations about cultural {differences|variations}, {the {possibility|risk|chance} of|the potential of|the potential for} an afterlife, and the plausibility of far-fetched conspiracy theories, I {learned|discovered|realized} to voice my opinion. As I was {introduced|launched} to {different|totally different|completely different} viewpoints, these moments challenged my understanding of the world {around|round} me. In my {final|last|ultimate} entries from California, I {find|discover} {excitement|pleasure} to {learn|study|be taught} from others and {increased|elevated} confidence, a {tool|device|software} {that would|that might|that may} later {allow|permit|enable} me to {impact|influence|impression} my {community|group|neighborhood}.}

{In my opinion, three social {institutions|establishments} {impact|influence|impression} {high school|highschool} {students|college students} {the most|probably the most|essentially the most} at this {vulnerable|weak|susceptible} time the {family|household}, peer group {and school|and faculty|and college}. In conclusion, equality {cannot be|can’t be} {forced|pressured|compelled} upon {people|individuals|folks} – not {in the|within the} {area|space} of {education|schooling|training}, employment or {family|household} life. Equality is about having {choices|decisions|selections} {and {those|these} who|and {people|individuals|folks} who|and {those|these} that} {prove|show} themselves {capable|succesful} will qualify for {university|college}, {regardless of|no matter} gender. It {is only|is simply|is just} {right|proper} that universities {reflect|mirror|replicate} and respect these free and {natural|pure} {choices|decisions|selections} being exercised by their {students|college students}. Through marching band, I {discovered|found} a {passion|ardour} for influencing others. My dream is that by drawing from UChicago’s empowering {community|group|neighborhood}, my drive will {transfer|switch} to pertinent {global|international|world} {issues|points} like human rights {in the|within the} Middle East.|But, in {reality|actuality}, {it is|it’s} {perfectly|completely} {normal|regular} for {people|individuals|folks} to {want a|need a|desire a} change. If my {friend|good friend|pal} was {thinking about|excited about|serious about} switching her {career|profession}, {but|however} she didn’t know what she {wanted|needed|wished} to do, I would give her {the following|the next} two {pieces|items} {of advice|of recommendation}. I was born and raised primarily in Medellin, Colombia, which is a land {rich|wealthy} in {beauty|magnificence}, {but|however} sadly for {many of the|most of the|lots of the} {people|individuals|folks} {living|dwelling|residing} there {it is also|additionally it is|it’s also} a land of {where|the place} poverty is a {way of life|lifestyle}. I am {one of the|one of many} few {lucky|fortunate} ones who has {never|by no means} {had to|needed to} {suffer|endure|undergo} the pains of an empty {stomach|abdomen}, or {had to|needed to} {struggle|wrestle|battle} to make a {living|dwelling|residing} off the land with little or no {education|schooling|training} to {back|again} up my {choices|decisions|selections}. However, if {called|referred to as|known as} upon to {find a|discover a} {people|individuals|folks} with {a better|a greater} disposition or {more|extra} welcoming spirits than {those same|those self same} indigenous {people|individuals|folks} I grew up {near|close to}, one {would be|can be|could be} very {hard|exhausting|onerous} pressed… Sometimes a task can {seem|appear} monumental {when you|whenever you|if you} {try to|attempt to} visualize {the entire|the whole|the complete} {thing|factor}, {but|however} {if you|should you|when you} break it down into smaller {goals|objectives|targets} {suddenly|all of a sudden|abruptly} {it can|it could|it {could|might|may} possibly} {become|turn out to be|turn into} manageable.|Bought in seventh grade and transferred from my old {laptop|laptop computer}, this sticker is torn {but|however} persevering with layers of tape. Despite conveying my fangirl-y infatuation with Harry Styles’ boyband, One Direction, for me Styles embodies an artist-activist who {uses|makes use of} his privilege for the betterment of society. However, a {simple|easy} {walk|stroll} on a {hiking|mountaineering|climbing} {trail|path} behind my {house|home} made me open {my own|my very own} eyes to {the truth|the reality}. Over the years, everything–even honoring my grandmother–had {become|turn out to be|turn into} second {to school|to {high|excessive} school|to highschool} and grades. Before I {could|might|may} resolve my guilt, I {had to|needed to} broaden my perspective of the world {as {well|properly|nicely} as|in addition to} my {responsibilities|duties|obligations} to my fellow {humans|people}.}

{How do one {respond to|reply to} new challenges and adapting to {a different|a special|a unique} {environment|surroundings|setting}, {living|dwelling|residing} {without|with out} {familiar|acquainted} {amenities|facilities}, interacting with new and {different {types|varieties|sorts} of|several {types|varieties|sorts} of|various {kinds|sorts|varieties} of} {people|individuals|folks} and {studying|learning|finding out} intensively {among|amongst} others. In an article to a newspaper, {discuss|talk about|focus on} {some of the|a few of the|a {number of|variety of} the} {problems|issues} and {suggest|recommend|counsel} {solutions|options}. As {you can|you’ll {be able|have the ability|find a way} to|you {possibly|probably|presumably} can} see, {each|every} {of these|of those} narrows {the topic|the subject} a bit and suggests the {direction|course|path} of your {solution|answer|resolution} {ideas|concepts|ideas}. “Plan to crack down on {websites|web sites} {selling|promoting} essays to {students|college students} {announced|introduced}”.|This essay critically analyses the {applications|purposes|functions} {marketing|advertising|advertising} communications with the {aim|purpose|goal} of evaluating their {major|main} strengths and weaknesses. To generate verifiable {knowledge|information|data}, {the same|the identical} {methods|strategies} of {research|analysis} {should be|ought to be|must be} {applied|utilized}. The {modern|trendy|fashionable} {business|enterprise} {environment|surroundings|setting} is characterised by its ever-increasing instability and {the necessity|the need} to {constantly|continuously|continually} {address|tackle|handle} the challenges posed by {different|totally different|completely different} crises (Farnese et al., 2016). Thus, organisational flexibility {has to be|needs to be|must be} {properly|correctly} {governed|ruled} {in order to|so as to|to {be able|have the ability|find a way} to} {effectively|successfully} and {efficiently|effectively} utilise all {available|out there|obtainable} {resources|assets|sources} and {support|help|assist} the {suggested|advised|instructed} change plan. The {aim|purpose|goal} of this essay is to {explore|discover} how entrepreneurial {leadership|management} can {impact|influence|impression} organisational flexibility {during|throughout} {crisis|disaster} {periods|durations|intervals}. Multinational enterprises {rely on|depend on} {various|numerous|varied} sources of {competitive|aggressive} {advantage|benefit} to {support|help|assist} their {international|worldwide} {expansion|enlargement|growth} .|Additionally, my attendance would {allow|permit|enable} the Political Science {department|division} to make a {more|extra} {accurate|correct} {determination|willpower|dedication} on how {well|properly|nicely} I {would {fit|match} in|would slot in} to {the program|this system} than from solely my graduate {school|faculty|college} {application|software|utility}. This fall I will embark on writing {an additional|a further|an extra} honors thesis in political science. While the {precise|exact} {topic|matter|subject} of my thesis is undecided, I am {particularly|notably|significantly} {interested in|thinking about|excited about} Mexico and its {development|improvement|growth} {towards|in the {direction|course|path} of|in {direction|course|path} of} a {more|extra} democratic {government|authorities}. Minoring in Spanish, {I have|I even have|I {actually|truly|really} have} {read|learn} {various|numerous|varied} {pieces|items} of literature from Mexico and have come to respect Mexico and Latin American {culture|tradition} and society.}

{While the {people|individuals|folks} of {ancient|historic|historical} Greece {seemed|appeared} resigned {to accept|to {simply|merely} accept|to {just|simply} accept} their fates, {the same|the identical} {is not|isn’t|just isn’t} true {of modern|of recent|of contemporary} New York. One of {the lessons|the teachings} that Sophocles {seems|appears} to {want to|need to|wish to} illustrate is {that once|that when|that after} the Gods design your {fate|destiny}, {you are|you’re|you {might|may|would possibly} be} {committed|dedicated} to that ending. It is when Oedipus tries {to resist|to withstand} his {fate|destiny} that he {ends up|finally ends up} fulfilling the prophecy. The residents of Sam Dent {are not|aren’t|usually are not} {willing|prepared|keen} to {believe|consider|imagine} that {everything|every thing|every little thing} is predestined.|Photo essays {often|typically|usually} {address|tackle|handle} a {certain|sure} {issue|problem|concern} or {attempt to|try and|try to} {capture|seize} the character of {places|locations} and {events|occasions}. The logical {progression|development} and organizational {structure|construction} of an essay can take many {forms|types|varieties}. Understanding how the {movement|motion} of thought is managed {through|via|by way of} an essay has a profound {impact|influence|impression} on its {overall|general|total} cogency {and ability|and skill|and talent} to impress. A {number of|variety of} {alternative|various|different} logical {structures|buildings|constructions} for essays have been visualized as diagrams, making them {easy|straightforward|simple} to implement or adapt {in the|within the} {construction|development|building} of an argument.|Make a {note|notice|observe} {whenever you|everytime you} {find|discover} an essay or {part of|a {part|half} of} an essay {that you|that you simply|that you just} {think|assume|suppose} was {particularly|notably|significantly} well-written, and {think about|take into consideration} what {you like|you want} about it. Once {you have|you’ve|you {could|might|may} have} your {list|listing|record}, {keep|maintain|hold} it {next|subsequent} to you {while|whereas} writing your essay to remind {yourself|your self} to {try and|attempt to|try to} use {those same|those self same} {techniques|methods|strategies} in {your own|your personal|your individual} essay. We know what {kinds|sorts|varieties} {of students|of scholars} {colleges|schools|faculties} {want to|need to|wish to} admit. Stephen’s first {example|instance} {is a great|is a superb|is a good} illustration of being resourceful in an {unexpected|sudden|surprising} {situation|state of affairs|scenario}. But {more than|greater than} punctuality and a {special|particular} affinity for musical chairs, my {family|household} life has taught me to thrive in {situations|conditions} over which {I have|I even have|I {actually|truly|really} have} no {power|energy}. Growing up, I {never|by no means} {controlled|managed} my older siblings, {but|however} I {learned|discovered|realized} {how to|the {way|method|means} to|tips on how to} thwart their {attempts|makes an attempt} {to control|to regulate|to manage} me.}

{Even {though|although} my {mother|mom} works {night|night time|evening} shifts as a neonatal nurse and her commute {is nearly|is almost|is {sort|type|kind} of} two hours, she was {forced|pressured|compelled} {to pick|to select|to choose} up {extra|additional|further} shifts to {support|help|assist} my {family|household}. Though I already had a job and I {worked|labored} about ten hours {a week|every week|per week}, I now work {anywhere|anyplace|wherever} from twenty-five to thirty-five hours {a week|every week|per week}, and I am {also|additionally} a full-time {high|excessive} honor {student|scholar|pupil}. Even {though|although} the {death|demise|dying} of my father {forced|pressured|compelled} me {to realize|to understand|to comprehend} the {importance|significance} of cherishing time with my {family|household}, I {do not|don’t} see them {very often|fairly often} {because of|due to} our busy schedules. I {also|additionally} sacrificed my social life and {the joy|the enjoyment} {that every|that each} senior in {high school|highschool} {should|ought to} {experience|expertise}. Instead of {football|soccer} {games|video games} and homecoming, I {had to|needed to} {deal with|cope with|take care of} mourning and {the possibility|the likelihood|the chance} that I {would not|wouldn’t} attend {college|school|faculty} {because of|due to} my family’s {financial|monetary} troubles. By {the end|the top|the tip} of the {summer|summer time|summer season}, I wasn’t {ready|prepared} {to leave|to go away|to depart} the {research|analysis} that I was doing.|If {more money|extra money|more cash} is taken out of the {budget|price range|finances} {to clean|to wash|to scrub} the river an assumption {can be|could be|may be} made. This assumption is that the {budget|price range|finances} {for another|for an additional|for one more} {part of|a {part|half} of} cit {maintenance|upkeep} or {building|constructing} {will be|shall be|might be} tapped into to. In addition, to the {budget|price range|finances} {being used|getting used} {to clean|to wash|to scrub} up Mason River, {it will|it’ll|it’s going to} {also be|even be} {allocated|allotted} in {increasing|growing|rising} riverside {recreational|leisure} facilites. The {government|authorities} is {trying|making an attempt|attempting} to appease its residents, and one can warrant that the {role|position|function} of {the government|the federal government} is to please the {people|individuals|folks}. There are many assumptions being made; {however|nevertheless|nonetheless}, {the government|the federal government} {can not|cannot|can’t} make {the assumption|the idea|the belief} {that people|that folks|that individuals} {want|need} the river to be cleaned {so that|in order that} {they can|they will|they’ll} use it for {recreational|leisure} water {activities|actions}.|Before coming to Germany I feared judgment {based|based mostly|primarily based} on my {level|degree|stage} of the language (which is nowhere {near|close to} {as good|nearly as good|pretty {much|a lot} as good} {as the|because the} German students’ English) and American politics. It was intimidating to be in {a country|a rustic} with {limited|restricted} {knowledge|information|data} of the language and the customs, {even though|despite {the fact|the very fact|the {actual|precise} fact} that|although} {everyone|everybody} was welcoming. People did ask myself and {the other|the opposite} {students|college students} {about the|concerning the|in regards to the} US’s political {climate|local weather}, {but|however} {no one|nobody} blamed us for it. They {recognized|acknowledged} that we {were|have been|had been} outsiders, that the place we {came|got here} from had flaws, {and they|they usually|and so they} accepted us anyway. The essay is your {chance|probability|likelihood} to let your {personality|character|persona} and life experiences shine {through|via|by way of}, {giving you|supplying you with|providing you with} {the opportunity|the chance} {to stand|to face} out from {other|different} {applicants|candidates}. CEG {also|additionally} {offers|provides|presents} one-on-one essay {help|assist} to {students|college students} who {need|want} {a little|slightly|somewhat} {extra|additional|further} {support|help|assist}.}

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